The Gym

 We’ve got what you’re looking for ….

 Fit One Gym has been designed with everyone in mind, so everybody from professional rugby players and powerlifters to regular gym goers and beginners will find exactly what they are looking for. We welcome pensioners and people trying to maintain functional fitness as they grow older.  Disabled gym users are welcome, but we do have stairs.

Free weights and Powerlifting:

We have a large free weights area with a Smith machine, squat rack, dedicated deadlift area on a concrete floor, and dumbbells to 50kg.  Straps and chalk are provided, as well as advice, support and encouragement.


We hold regular competitions in the gym for members, as well as a competitive blackboard for personal bests.

Resistance Machines:

Looking to tone or get a pump? We have the machines that can help you get the results you want! We have a machine to target every muscle group including Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Cables, Lateral Pull Down, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Leg Curl, Preacher Curl and so much more.

Cardiovascular Training:

Need to burn some calories or warm up for weight training?  Our Cardio area includes  two rowing machines, three treadmills, three cross trainers, two stepper machines, two powerplates, one arm cycle machine.  Our Cardio equipment is in the Studio on the top floor, separate to the Weights Room.

Abs area:

Abs cradle, two sit up benches and mats available in the studio on the top floor.

Personal Trainer:

Chris Golding is available in the gym every day to help you achieve your goals. Contact him here:  IMG_1594


Use of the Boxing Studio, boxing gloves and mitts is included in your membership.  Two boxing bags and speedball available.

NHS Referrals:

We are approved by the NHS to support your training and rehabilitation. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your disability, weight and fitness level. We have members who have diabetes, high blood pressure, amputated limbs, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obesity and more.   We can organise a fitness plan starting from half hour three times a week of seated exercise, but you will need to manage the stairs.

Weight Loss:

We can support you with weight loss by advising you on a mixed cardio and weight training programme, to burn calories and tone up.

Professional scales are available in the gym at a cost of 20p

Chris Golding, our personal trainer, is available in the gym every day to help you achieve your goals. Contact him here:


Nine minutes costs only £5 and supply you with all the vitamin C you need as well as keeping you lightly tanned.  Our stand-up sunbed has 48 new bulbs and meets all the latest safety criteria.

Vibration Plate:

Fit One has a Vibration Plate which can be used to warm up or cool down. This benefit your muscle performance and recovery time after playing sport or weight training, particularly on legs day.  Other benefits include:

  • Strength and toning. The vibration causes your muscles to quickly contract and relax to keep you balanced. Standing still with your knees slightly bent can achieve great toning results.
  • Weight loss and cellulite. Ten minutes each day, combined with a sensible diet, will reduce body fat including visceral fat.  Cellulite can be reduced over a six month period.
  • Health and rehabilitation. Use to aid recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, back pain and pain management and improve circulation.