Sustainable Development Policy


Fit One Gym, Folkestone is working to reduce its impact on the environment and do its bit to help save the planet.  We’ve tried to take on board the 3 themes of Reduce, Reuse and then Recycle. We hope that when you use the facilities at the gym, some of these measures will be evident. We are always open to new ideas that will help us to do more.

Reducing energy used:

We switch off all cardio machines and lights when not in use.   We do not use heating in the gym. If you feel cold, wear a hoodie or do some cardio.

We encourage members to bring their own water bottles and refill at the gym, rather than use single use plastic cups and bottles.

Reducing paper used:

We do not print materials unless it is absolutely necessary, and then only as many as required. Many mailings are received and go straight into the recycling bin, we are actively trying to get off mailing lists for publications and mail not required. We encourage staff to share publications and pass them round.


All unwanted machines are re-sold. Any unwanted single sided copying or printing is put into the boxes by the printer/copier so they can be reused as scrap notepaper.  Lever arch files are continually reused until they fall apart – we just put a new label on the side. We try to repair, reuse and upgrade PCs and laptops wherever possible.


We recycle loads of things – but this is a last resort. We try to reduce and reuse first.

We use a registered waste carrier Stephen Burgess to remove waste.  Where possible, with scrap metal, this is recycled through Johnsons.

Shopping Ethically:

We shop locally where possible.  We use china plates and mugs and run our car on LPG.


We encourage cycling to the gym and provide space for bicycles. We encourage people to walk to the gym.

Sophie Mort, 27 June 2019