I want to lift weights but I’m not sure how?

At Fit One Gym we have helpful staff who can demonstrate and offer advice.

 My doctor has told me to exercise, but I can hardly manage the stairs. What can I do?

Here at Fit One Gym, you can start with a seated exercise programme, such as ten minutes on the reclining exercise bike, ten minutes seated row and ten minutes on the vibration plate. By starting with this exercise programme and committing to attending the gym twice a week, you will soon be able to do more.

I need to lose weight because I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. What can I do?

We suggest following a training programme through a phone app or using a personal trainer to help with motivation and commitment.  Set small targets which are achievable. Measure success through improved health rather than the scales.  Keep a food diary to check your mindfulness over what you’re eating.

I’ve joined gyms before and always give up after a month. What can I do?

Come with a friend. Make it a routine, so come at the same times on the same days of the week.  Talk to other people to make it a sociable activity.  Use a personal trainer, even if it is on ly once a month.

I love my music rather than mtv.

Here at Fit One Gym we provide speakers for your own phone to play your music in the Studio and Boxing Studio.